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The stereotype of the ugly, unfuckable feminist exists for a reason – because it’s still the last, best line of defence against any woman who is a little too loud, a little too political. Just tell her that if she goes on as she is, nobody will love her. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always believed that part of the point of feminist politics – part of the point of any sort of radical politics – is that some principles are more important than being universally adored, particularly by the sort of men who would prefer women to smile quietly and grow our hair out


He was like, “discreetly” holding his phone in his lap and if the flash hadn’t gone off I probably never would have known.

I’ve always been a person who takes my personal space very seriously. If you don’t know me and you are touching me, you bet your ass that I am telling…


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace


I am so happy with my university because every time I have pointed out little instances of sexism, my male professors have taken note of it and are trying their best to not do it again.

Addressing the class “Guys…and girls”

Talking about God “He invented…or She,…


george-spiggott replied to your post:I have a horrific follow up to my everyday sexism…

Shit, what happened?

Who’s ready for a story, kids?

I was shopping for some boots today with my mother at a department store. We had found a lovely sales associate who was extremely sweet and helpful and I was having a really nice time with my mom trying on shoes.

I wandered over to the end of the shoe department towards the doors to look for some more booties. As I approached the shoe display I wanted to investigate, I noticed two male sales associates in their forties or fifties leaning with all their weight against the display, staring towards lingerie.

Expecting them to move when they saw a customer, I started picking up shoes but got uncomfortable as they continued to lean forward against the stand, arms crossed, talking to each other, apparently not noticing me. Since they wouldn’t move, I meandered towards the back of the room to look at the shelves of sneakers. I could hear them very plainly talking about the women in the store.

"Look at her, oh my god." was the majority of what I heard.

Suddenly their tone changed. “Oh, you’ll never believe who came in the other day. We hadn’t seen her in so long”

I thought I was about to involuntarily hear some petty office gossip so I started to walk the other way. That’s when I heard him say, “Oh my god she’s so fucking hot I was gonna cream my pants!”

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*White male teacher giving a powerpoint presentation on heros, pulls up a slide with batman on it*
Teacher: Batman is my favorite because he's not like superman. He isn't superman. He is wealthy unlike most of us, but he battles with depression and gets beat up, but he is still a hero. He had a rough start and ended up a hero blah blah blah
*Teacher adds Wonder Woman to the slide*
Teacher: She's cute isn't she. She's the feminine version of a hero. The actor that played her used to babysit my ex-wife.
*Next Slide*


Catcalling a woman is not a compliment, it is harassment and intimidation. Stop doing it. It’s the non-asshole thing to do. 



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if you don’t think some of the hate Taylor Swift receives is unnecessary and sexist let me just remind you that she once wore a black turtle neck, jeans and boots and this was a result



scandalous wow cover your eyes


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My favorite person

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